Monday, October 5, 2015


The rules of squash are easy to learn, and it is great fun to watch two well matched players as they complete. There was a court at the naval college in Dartmouth, which is where I learned to play the game. Of course, the regime at Dartmouth virtually forced us to remain fit- and one needs to be fit to be successful at squash. For many years, I did not play the game, but soon after joining Barbara at 1000 Spruce Street, I suggested we try to take up the game. It was not a success. Although I believe I was in reasonably good shape at the time, I no longer had the stamina that I enjoyed as a teenager. I believe that we had access to the squash courts at the UC, but I think we only once tried to play a game there. I just could not move around quickly enough, and so I abandoned this excellent game before my 40th birthday.

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