Monday, July 20, 2015


I was never much of a cricket player, unlike my relative Peter Lindsey-Renton, who for many years played for Reigate Priory club in the city of my birth. When batting, I never scored many runs, although a report from my prep school mention that my stone-walling could break the heart of opposing bowlers. I was delighted that at Dartmouth I had the choice of sailing or rowing, rather than playing cricket. My lack of interest in playing did not extend to my interest in the game. As a resident of Surrey, I was a natural supporter of that County team. I still remember some of the names of famous Surrey cricketers, such as Laurie Fishlock. I especially appreciated the bowling talents of Alec Bedser, and his teammates Lock and Laker. I still go online to checkup on the doings of England in Test Matches. (As a small child, I never understood why people were interested in "Test" Matches: why were there never any real matches?) When fielding, I did do some wicket-keeping, but mostly spent time closer to the pitch, at Point Slip, or Gully. As a small boy, I spent many hours playing dot cricket. This involves using a pencil and bringing it down with eyes closed onto a piece of paper marked up to indicate runs or wickets.

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