Monday, February 3, 2014

Cold toast

One of my responsibilities as a husband is to consume what otherwise would be wasted leftovers. Recently, Barbara brought back some cold toast from a breakfast joint. On it I spread a little Marmite, and it soon went "down the hatch". This reminded me that many years ago, perhaps as early as 1957, I brought a "toast rack" from the UK. Toast and marmalade is a staple of British breakfasts, and it is normal for several pieces of cold toast to put in to a rack set on the table. With the third meal of the day in Britain, known as "tea", one may find warm toast, kept from getting cold by being placed in a cunning metal container, with a bowl of hot water placed under the plate of toast, with a cover placed on it. (This same container is sometimes used for another occasional feature of British "tea time".) There is a popular savory spread in the UK, called "Patun Peperiun" spread on warm toast, I prefer this to the alternative, toast and jam.

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