Monday, October 1, 2012

Nickels and Dimes

In 2008, the Obama campaign benefited from numerous small donations, making use of the internet to rake in these contributions. It is understandable why Democratic fundraisers are using the same technique this year. Perhaps this is a significant reason why the Obama fundraising for a recent month was a little higher than that of Romney. We do believe in "putting our money where our mouth is", but we prefer to make more significant gifts after discussion. We learned many years ago, before the days of the internet, that the first thing that happens when anyone sends money to a political party is that the recipient promptly sends out another request. They do this, because it works. I sometimes think that the "delete" key is the most important one on my computer's keyboard, and I don't usually give a second thought when using it. Alas, we receive multiple solicitations from different political organizations. Perhaps I should be readier to "unsubscribe", but I don't want to cut off all messages from the political parties we support. As I write this, it is still many weeks until the November elections, we are still being inundated with requests to "chip in"$3, $5, or whatever. I guess that the only way to look at this is that it comes with the "freedom of speech" and other aspects of American life which we admire.

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