Monday, October 8, 2012

Bubbly trouble

This is the time of year when baseball teams completing a championship season have the time and opportunity to celebrate their success. They choose a traditional way of celebrating: they pop champagne corks. I really enjoy a glass or two of champagne, although I am also happy with some of the alternative sparkling wines, such as Cava. Some producers here in California offer an excellent product, notably Domaine Chandon. For casual celebration, I also enjoy "frizzante" wines. However, I must admit to deploring those shots of happy athletes dousing each other with expensive champagne. When I saw a recent photograph, there was no doubt in my mind that the successful team was using real champagne, not a less expensive substitute: I could see the name Moet clearly, and that is a classic brand of authentic champagne. The one good thing I note about such celebrations is that the cork comes out, unlike the way in which some princess or movie star breaks a bottle of champagne on the bows of a ship being launched. I am in full support of the ongoing campaign of champagne producers to protect the use of the word "champagne" for its wonderful product, although in casual usage there's no way they can prevent airlines and others from calling the substitute product by the hallowed name of "champagne". Despite the efforts to control usage of the name, the true champagne producers are doing very well, thank you. Check out the prices the next time you are visiting your friendly local wine merchant.

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