Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Encounter: Jimmy Carter

I preferred to fly into Gatwick years ago, when visiting England. This meant flying into Atlanta and changing planes, but it was worth it to avoid the hassle and frequent delays at Heathrow.
On one return journey, I had taken my seat well before takeoff on the left-hand side of the plane. I noticed the former president shaking hands with the first-class passengers seated on the right-hand of the plane. I moved over to the right side, correctly assuming that this famous glad-hander would continue. Sure enough he did as I had expected, and exchanged a few words of conventional greeting with everyone. Satisfied by the experience, I moved back to my assigned seat on the left side of the plane. Meantime, President Carter had shaken hands with everyone in economy, and there was still time for him to come back from business class into the first-class cabin, there was no way he could remember who he had already greeted, so I enjoyed a second handshake with Jimmy Carter that day.                          

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