Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Luverly Grub

What does "rasher" mean, other than "more rash"? It is the term used in the UK for what we call "slices" of bacon. It brings back memories of food I used to eat in the UK and haven't seen lately. My memories fall into three main categories: food that I am fond of; food that I feel indifferent about; and food that I shall be happy never to eat again. Some of the food I am fond of but am not able to readily get in the US include: Finnan Haddock and Kippers at breakfast; broad beans, kedgeree, steak & kidney pie, veal & ham pie, pork pie, gooseberry fool, summer pudding, loganberries, greengages, and damsons. Some I manage to find, such as Marmite and rabbit. Here are some examples of food that I wouldn't mind encountering again, but which I would not actively seek out. This would include vegetable marrow, rice pudding, and Jerusalem artichokes I shall be delighted never to be confronted with any of the following: Yorkshire pudding, suet puddings, and tapioca.

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