Tuesday, September 23, 2014

One Nation

The result of the recent referendum to consider independence for Scotland is one I greet with relief, for many reasons. I have been a U.S. citizen for over 50 years, but also retain my native British citizenship. My full last name is "Lindsey-Renton", and I am part English and part Scottish. At cricket, I support the English team; in Rugby Union football I am happy if Scotland wins. "Lindsey" is an English name for part of the large county of Lincolnshire. Not that this ever prevented my sisters and me from selecting Lindsay tartan for kilts, rugs, and bathrobes! Besides the Seattle suburb of Renton, there is a small suburb of Glasgow with that name. When Barbara & I were touring in Scotland, we planned to go there, buy postcards, and send them to family members. It's a miserable place, we found, and the post office had been permanently closed. Scratch that idea! The Rentons were lowlanders, mainly living near the River Tweed border with England. I once asked what was known about the Rentons, and was told that north of the border they were considered patriotic warriors: south of the border they were considered just lowdown cattle thieves.

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