Monday, July 14, 2014


It's hardly a vice, but perhaps it is a bad habit: I seldom decline to respond to a survey online. Some of these ask questions about income and/or assets and my honest responses lead me to questions about such luxuries as expensive watches or upmarket clothing. I'm really not interested in either of these items. Longines is the name of a long-established Swiss watch maker, and I do have a relatively inexpensive Longines watch that I bought many years ago for perhaps $20. I'm really not interested in gold watches, and I am absolutely content with the silver case of my Longines. However, it needs to be wound up daily, so it is now my "spare". In its place, I use an inexpensive Casio wristwatch, which never needs winding. It keeps perfect time, as I know when I check the time on my cell phone. I used to own a beautiful gold pocket watch, which had belonged to my father. It is a luxurious object, which was presented to him on some special occasion. It has become an heirloom, to be passed down to one of my sons. There must be very few American men who still make use of pocket watches. Wristwatches are also often not found on the arms of younger men. Personally, I still prefer to lift an arm to tell the time, rather than reach into a pocket to see the time on my cell phone. Perhaps in fifty years' time, my Longines will be treated as an heirloom in its turn. What fate is in store for my inexpensive Casio?

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