Monday, January 20, 2014

Minimum Wage

In the recent past, the age of 21 was key in many respects. It is still important these days for such concerns as the legal age for consuming alcohol. However, one becomes an adult at 18. I greeted this change with some appreciation, having become a member of the Armed Forces at age of 17, exposed to the possibility of being killed in action, it seemed only fair that I could vote at 18. I do support an increase in the current federal minimum wage. California is among several states that already have a higher minimum wage. However, I am aware of the millions of unemployed young people in our country. I am not alone in thinking that there might well be a differential, to encourage initial employment of young adults. This could be phased in so that it would not reduce the hourly rate of those already in employment. My hope would be that it would encourage employers to find work for those under (say) 21, although I realize that the effect of such a change is debatable.

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