Thursday, December 12, 2013


The use of perfume by women seems to be very limited these days, especially in such feminist circles as are to be found in Berkeley. In these times when equality in professional life is thriving--an era of which I strongly approve--it is rare in Northern California to encounter a woman who uses perfume. Even in my advanced age, I am still affected by the delightful scent of an expensive perfume. It remains a powerful mental aphrodisiac. There may be other nations where exquisite perfumes are created, but to me the French remain the best at the parfumier's art. My favorite maker remains Lanvin. My all-time favorite was Jolie Madame, with the better-known Arp├Ęge a close second. In this egalitarian age, beautiful women wearing "heavy" perfume are likely to be scorned by other women for "lowering" themselves, presumably to try to trap a man with feminine wiles. They may even be assumed to be members of the "oldest profession". "Respectable" women wearing heavy perfume are considered as out of style as businessmen wearing hats. I do know some women who use perfume discreetly on special occasions, but this is usually quite "light", often modestly floral. I appreciate it when I encounter it. I never saw the movie The Scent of a Woman, but the title reminds me of the excitement I used to feel when a woman exuding expensive perfume came near. I think I would still feel pleasantly affected by my old favorite perfumes, but apparently no woman cares to give me the opportunity.

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  1. Perfume and aftershave scents are discouraged in most public spaces as many are allergic. I think this the more likely answer than anything.