Monday, May 13, 2013


We recently enjoyed the visit of a Norwegian second cousin of Barbara and the former's father. I noticed that they always closed the lid of the toilet bowl after flushing. We don't normally bother to do that We usually didn't even flush after "Number One" during the extreme water shortage a few years ago, but we did close the lid, postponing the flush. During that time, I coined the little rhyme "Yellow is mellow, but Brown goes down". My memory is that many toilets in such places as rest stops and State Parks dispense entirely with lids. That makes good sense to me. Many jars that find their way to our dining room table have lids, and more than once Barbara has put the lid on top without screwing it down. Until I caught onto this, I would sometimes lift the jar by the lid, messing up the table when the contents fell out. I'm careful these days either to leave the lid on one side, or to close it tightly. We support MECA (the Middle East Children's Alliance) by buying excellent (but expensive) olive oil from Palestine. It arrives in Berkeley in bulk, and is bottled here by volunteers. I haven't yet spilled any, but the tiny metal cap can only be screwed in place with half a turn. I have thought of making a donation to enable the bottle lids to be more practical, but so far I have preferred to be very careful with the lid used in this good cause.

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